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Saturday, October 10, 2015 10:20:36 AM

B & G Performance Company Profile

B & G Performance and Arrington Performance have joined forces to provide you with the best tuning solutions, performance parts, and customer service possible. Both facilities are already committed to providing their customers with well researched premium products and top notch customer service. It is our goal to only improve this commitment to excellence with this merger. During this transition we may take a few moments longer to answer your questions but rest assured that the end result will be to provide you with the best tuning service.

The same fleet, Go Green, and live on the fly tuning services that you have come to trust and depend on from B&G will still be available at Arrington Performance with the added support of a fully staffed customer service and research and development center in Martinsville, VA. Together we will decrease lead times and increase the ease of getting in touch with a knowledgeable and friendly technician that can support you through the tuning process. As an added benefit of this consolidation we will offer E.O. Certified and 50 State legal tunes to OEM retailers and the aftermarket parts manufacturing community. We will continue to offer CARB certified tunes to daily driven and off road use only calibrations to track use modified vehicles.

We strive to deliver turnarounds on custom mail in PCM tuning for Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep Vehicles in as little as one day! Call an Arrington Performance sales technician toll free at 866-844-1245 for more details.

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Click Here to Download a calibration form. This form should accompany your PCM/ECU and/or TCM upon arrival for service.

When you want the best and have tried all the rest come to us. We are a world leader in DCX computer tuning solutions. Go with a name you can trust: B & G Performance Specialists, Inc., the first to offer complete PCM/TCM (computer) powertrain tuning solutions for all Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Vehicles. We offer proven performance and enhanced vehicle driveability with over 25 years of powertrain calibration experience under our roof.

Contact B & G Performance

67 Motorsports Drive
Martinsville, Virginia 24112

Toll Free: 866.844.1245
Tel: 276.666.6767
Fax: 276.666.6794

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  • B&G Performance PCM/TCM (Computer) FLASH Upgrades - Performance Consultants
    B & G Performance is the world leader in complete powertrain tuning solutions specializing in live emulation computer tuning. We are your one stop shop for all your tuning and performance parts needs.

    Let B&G Wake up your vehicles performance

    Using 8/16/32 bit emulators, ETAS/INCA, remapping software, device programmers, BDM adapters, Can Bus analyzers, EGT probes & Wide band 02's,State of the art 5 gas-analyzer to customize your vehicle performance. Then using a combination of in-house software, in-depth experience of engine management software, and processor manipulation the maps of interest are identified. We use our serial data stream reader and real-time emulator via our software to rewrite the map contents to achieve the required results. Checksum calculations are performed to ensure reliability and free of any "Check Engine Lights".

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  • TCM upgrades

    "The truck shifted VERY nicely, nice and firm, we did repeated launches and roll on WOT runs to about 70, most every time spun the tires all the way thru third and chirping in every upshift thereafter at WOT."

    "Overall, very impressed and truly believe many of your automatic transmission woes will be solved here shortly once this stuff hits the market."

    "My charger has never experienced neck jerking shifts like this, time to see a back specialist."

    "Who said that a 4wd Jeep can't spin all 4 tires at shift, The B&G TCM made that happen, Thanks Dave for your great service, product and support."

    "I stomped it and when it hit 2nd gear it broke loose almost sideways and I believe 3rd chirped."
    Stage II Flash

    "Last time at the track I got a best of 12.74 in warmer 62.2F air which corrected to 12.64. To me this is a 0.38 corrected improvement is mostly due to the B&G really waking up the engine."

    "Thanks for the nice Tune, a 0.38 improvement in ET and corrected trap speeds going from 106.288 to 108.797 show a 29 RWHP gain in HP calculators."

    "Shows .5 sec improvement on the Dashhawk over the stock computer. Back to back test on the same road/averaged three runs in each direction for both computers."

    "The B&G Stage II is the best mod I've done so far, along with the 180 T-stat and relocating the IAT sensor, gained 4 tenth at the track."

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    Calibration Services:

    • Handheld DiabloSport/SCT
    • Handheld Retuning Services
    • Services/50 State Emission Certified Calibration Services for OEM/Aftermarket Performance Parts Suppliers
    • Flashing Service (VIN/SKIM/Stock Flash/Emission Cert/Mileage Correction)
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